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Hi, I Am Ambesh Tiwari

I am no special than you, born in Middle-Class family, studied engineering to get a better job, started working with low paying job to pay my own bills. 

Can you relate it ?

Yes, then how I am different ?

I believe in ” Take responsibility because it will make you capable.” I am a not intelligent but a hard worker. I worked so hard that I get 3 promotions within 2 years in my first company. 

Everything was going good but still I was not happy because I dream to be an INDIAN ARMY OFFICER and I was not even trying. So I quit the job in which I was so settled comfortably. 

I tried harder to crack SSB interview but I couldn’t make it and I left with no money and unemployed with an year.  but I learned that I was more satisfied with my life then earlier…

This was not end.. this was start of BDA Technologies Private Limited.  I started my own start-up with an idea but it couldn’t work because I was not having proper experience to run a company. So I joined again as employee to learn how to manage the company. I worked harder those days as an employee, as a consultant and as an entrepreneur. 

While working I learned how to work in different situation, how to work with clients, and what is important to build a startup. There I learnt the Personal Branding is most important long term to-do list for exponential growth. I started working for myself and help others to do the same. and Here I am founder of BDA Technologies, a personal branding Consultant and host of Ambesh Tiwari Show



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Why Should I do Personal Branding?

Is this question has just arises in your mind ? Congrats! You got some talent but you have never thought of earn name and fame by using that talent. Now look at the below points it will show you benefits of Personal Branding. Read below points twice then think why should you do personal branding.

  • Builds Connections
  • Get more Popularity
  • Builds Credibility
  • Get more projects