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I have started this podcast with an endeavor to document the journey of Middle Class Entrepreneurs.

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Help one person

Help one person who is about to make the same mistake you made. Also, you could help someone who made a mistake to learn and move on from it.

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You join a movement of people who are sharing their stories to help others avoid loss and achieve success.

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People connect with people not with products.You engage your followers when you share your episode with them.

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You deepen your relationship with your followers. My prior guests say that they gained a deeper connection with their followers by being willing to share the story.

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You gain followers when we share your episode through our social media accounts and our weekly newsletter.

Gain sales and recognition

You gain sales when you and I promote your company or any of your products or services to our audience.

Numbers Speak

Within 3 month of span we reached a great level.

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